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Meet the Staff of Elite Auto Sales

Daniel Burgess - Sales

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Daniel grew up out side St Louis and joined the U.S. Army in March 2006. After spending 5 years with the 173d Airborne Brigade Combat Team he was stationed at Fort Bragg with 1st BCT in the 82nd Airborne Division. Upon leaving the military he started working in car sales with Crown Ford and Leith Honda, as well as software sales for Citrix.  In his free time Daniel enjoys hanging out with his dog Bud and camping.  Daniel is a huge cardinals fan.  Airborne!

Patrick Sullivan - General Manager

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Patrick grew up in Cary but is originally from NY. He has been with Elite Auto Sales sales since 2003. Patrick handles all the website inventory so if you have a question feel free to send him an email. He has an extensive knowledge of cars dates back to his first issue of car and driver when he was 8 years old. Patrick's hobbies are playing golf, basketball and watching sports. His favorite teams are the Mets and the J E T S Jets Jets Jets. He also enjoys playing and reading books to his daughter.

Greg Anex - Sales Manager

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Greg, originally from St Louis Missouri has been with Elite Auto Sales since 2000. Prior to that he served 5 years in the U.S.Army in the 82nd Airborne at Ft.Bragg. You will find that he has a huge knowledge of any type of vehicle out there. His hobbies include classic cars and collecting vintage memorabilia. You will see him in a different classic car every time you visit us. He also enjoys a wide variety of music and loves going to concerts. He loves his customers almost as much as his 1964 VW Bus. Come see Greg!

Russell Ellis - Finance Manager

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Russell joined the Army in July of 2000, and then spent 13 years doing multiple combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Near the end of his military career he begin selling cars part time preparing for his transition out of the Army. During his part-time sales career he was the top sales person on the lot earning a promotion to Finance immediately after he finished his Army contract. Russell attended Asbury Finance School finishing 2nd in his class and has worked finance for Asbury Automotive Group, Hunter Auto Group and McCurry-Deck Motors. Russell has also worked as a sales manager and used car manager for these franchises, giving him diversified knowledge in the automotive field. He has developed a relationship with the banks operating in the area and this combined with his learned automotive knowledge makes it possible for him to help you secure financing regardless of your current credit situation.

Yvette Ramirez - Office Manager

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Yvette has been with Elite Auto Sales for over 3 years. She has been in the automotive business for several years now. Yvette is originally from Naples Florida. When Yvette isn't at work she enjoys playing with her dog Dinah.

Tyrone - Customer service specialist

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Tyrone has been in the car business for 7 years. He enjoys chasing squirrels on the lot, taking naps and getting treats from the mailman. He loves our customers just as much as we do. Tyrone's favorite game to play is tug of war with his rope.

Auto technicians - Auto Technicians

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Elite auto sales employs a team of auto technicians to make sure each and every vehicle is up to our standards. With over 50 years of experience working on cars they make sure every vehicle is ready for their new owners. We have a full service shop with all the latest tools and equipment needed.

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